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Karaoke. Classical poetry in Azerbaijan. Baku, 2011.

The traditional spiritual culture serves as a means of national self-identification, as life-giving ground for the harmonious development and education of a man under present-day conditions. In this context, its preservation, restoration, enrichment and apprehension are extremely important.

The globalization and integrative processes occurring today across the globe in today's social reality lead to the fact that people sometimes "lose" themselves, forfeiting their own historical and cultural roots. We are not needed to go into detail of the problem of globalization to comprehend the following: sustainable development of our civilization is only possible in conditions of maintaining the cultural diversity.

Geographically located at the turn of European and Asian continents, the modern democratic Azerbaijan from the perspective of the past is at the crossroads of various civilizations - the Aheminid-Sasanian-Seljuk, the Roman, Byzantian, Scythian - Khazar and Oguz Turks.

Despite all mosaic and multi-color kaleidoscopic cultural stratification, embodied in historical monuments of material and spiritual culture, the phenomenon of prosperity of Azerbaijan is related directly to the ethnogenesis of the people - the creator of unique values in various fields of art, one of which is the classical poetry.

The Azerbaijani classical poetry has a thousand-year path of development and perfection. It was straightly systematized, crystallized, polished and fully developed in close connection with a long history of the Azerbaijani people, starting with the oral-auditory forms and genres of folk poetry of musical creativity, likewise the first samples of written medieval patterns of individual works of poetry through the modern artistic efforts in the art of versification.

The monumental Azerbaijani poetic culture, recognized by its elegant images and vitality both in the past and at the present is encoded in two dimensions: on one hand, using terms such as "collective memory", "cultural memory", on the other hand being inspired with the wealth and a variety of figurative and poetic heritage of the genre, the Azerbaijani poetic culture has always demonstrated and emphasized both ethical, moral, aesthetic and humanistic sides of human life and his entity. All the above is widely covered in this edition: "Karaoke.

Classical poetry in Azerbaijan." This is the first textbook for secondary schools of Azerbaijan, a systematic sample of didactic material using modern information and computer technology with full-scale range of space-time, historical and chronological fields, starting from the seventh century AD to the end of twentieth century.

This edition, both printed and electronic - DVD disc contains "the collected pearls of Azerbaijan poetry" by the words of Anar, the people writer of Azerbaijan. Karaoke is one of the most popular contemporary genres, performed in karaoke bars and in other places (of course at home) to give tone, emotional mood, to restore mental and physical strength after a full-fledged working day.

New technologies involved to create something new and original in life and creative activity enable us to offer the author's assignment in the innovative pedagogy in Azerbaijan - poetry, sung in the genre of karaoke. If the folk songs and classical songs (see: "Karaoke. Azerbaijani folk songs and classic ballads" Baku, 2010) in terms of integrated, multifunctional method of enhancing opportunities for the individual and the school community as a whole is practically on the stage to achieve their goal, the karaoke poetry is factually the first experience, designed for exploration and study of classical poetry in samples of Azerbaijani literature in the lessons for high school students.

Let us turn to the methodological basis for the proposed publication. It is added up to:

1. One-hundred samples of classical poetry of Azerbaijan, represented in the genre of karaoke is a kind of integrated material for practicing the lexical expressions and grammatical features, phonetic skills and artistic poetics in the lessons of literature;

2. They are organically related to meaningful and thematic curriculum, but at the same time include additional information about the age of occurrence of a poetic style, traditions, features of Azerbaijani poetics, its cultural media and creators;

3. Aesthetics and educational orientation of the karaoke poetry contributes to imaginative perception of spoken poetic text, provides its motivational memorability, organize structural and semantic, tempo, metro-rhythmic relationship between poetic lines.

Thus, karaoke provides a new opportunity to study and use of poetic material, namely the synthesis of reading, mood music and video graphics series in the lessons of the classical literature of Azerbaijan. The matter is that our spiritual heritage is survived by the same token and we are able to transmit the centuries-long literary and artistic monuments of the Azerbaijani people literature for future generations through live broadcasting.

Systematically engaged in the method proposed by the author, you have the opportunity to develop your ear for music, a sense of rhythmic organization both of a verse, and musical accompaniment, to strengthen reading skills and the pace of free speech in the mode of a native speaker, to develop acting techniques and skills of recitation of classical examples of Azerbaijan poetry to musical accompaniment.

Professor, Tariel Mamedov.