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"50 songs of Azeri composers". Baku, 2011

It is well-known that since ancient times music and singing were important parts of the culture of many nations, including Azerbaijanis. As the people being gathered together in the home for entertainment sang songs to the accompaniment of various musical instruments. To this day, singing songs is the favorite kind of pastime for many people. However, these people can engage in different activities and be at a different level of intellectual development - singing all together. These days, within the period of rapid growth of recording equipment and information technology, people of different nationalities learn easily singing karaoke.

This comprehensive publication is a study guide for a new generation and introduces an interactive tutorial designed based on the latest technology and consisting of a DVD-ROM and books containing the necessary information data of explaining sense. The purpose of the manual is a study and mastering of popular songs of Azeri composers by singing "karaoke". The publication was prepared with a view of use in educational process the modern information technology, thereby increasing the level of music education in schools, the very same extends the possibilities of musical enlightenment in the country as a whole. Singing karaoke promotes aesthetic taste, respect for the national property, as well as raising national awareness of youth, his patriotic spirit. This is one way of safeguarding the intangible heritage of the Azerbaijani people.

In today's world, in an era of world globalization, singing karaoke holds much significance, since the presented study guide means the propaganda of Azerbaijani music, its song culture among members of different nationalities who are interested in Azerbaijan and is an indispensable tool for studying the Azerbaijani language.

The karaoke is a new trend in the chant. Technically, the karaoke means singing to the soundtrack, which is accompanied on a computer monitor or TV screen by the texts of songs with rhythmic syllables highlighting to bar-line of music. This DVD-ROM is produced namely on this principle.

The study guide includes 50 wide-spread songs of outstanding Azerbaijani composers - U. Hajibayli, F.Amirov, Niyazi, S. Rustamov, T. Guliyev, A. Badalbayli, Dzh.Dzhangirov, E. Sabitoglu, R. Hajiyev and others; these songs may be easily mastered by people of all ages, especially young people with the help of this study guide.

The present second integrated attempt to introduce the learning the song material into the educational process by using modern information technologies (the first was worked out in 2010: "Karaoke. Azerbaijani folk songs and classical songs").

The study is offered by several ways:

1. Karaoke with text, music and vocal accompaniment;

2. Karaoke with text, music and without vocal accompaniment.

Thus, the opportunity of simultaneous listening the music and visually familiarization with the text of the proposed songs prepares the solid ground for a thorough review, facilitates memorization and promotes faster learning the material.

The modern popular songs are presented in performance of famous singers such as M. Magomayev, L. Imanov, A. Zeynalov, I. Guliyev, A. Agayev, the vocal quartet "Gaya", etc.

The users of the manual have a good chance to sing the songs "together" with renowned professionals, monitor their singing style and practice. This interesting learning process, exceptional in its essence helps to activate the creative potential of students, forming a deep interest in musical performance, increases the requirements for the artist and creates artistic taste.

Singing best samples of national music in karaoke has an extraordinary power to influence the hearts and minds of people, plays a unique role in the educational process, in the development and spiritual enrichment of young generation, as well as in promoting the Azerbaijani musical culture abroad.